Monday, 18 June 2012

Real life networks - do I have too?

Much to ponder in Thing 7 - Professional organisations and real life networks. I am a member of a few CILIP subject groups and a regional group, but have attended few meetings. I have attended some, but not enough or regularly enough to become known amongst them. Why do I not attend more? It's hard to convince line managers to release me for working-day meetings (been a sole operator for a year now so cover is problematic). I've youngish kids so evening meetings are also hard - that is often the busiest time of my day acting as chauffeur to their very active social lives. Hence my own is on the back burner. I do think these evening meetings seem to be populated by young professionals (no carer responsibilities) or older professional (whose young have "fledged" so to speak). I look forward to being one of the latter. These are genuine reasons, but if I'm honest, attending meetings can also be daunting - its hard to enter established groups - we all know that from our school days, don't we? Gosh, I hope no one's actually reading this!?

I have noticed the appearance of technology used at some meetings to allow members to attend remotely. This will hopefully become more widespread and enable folks like me to participate more regularly.

I appreciated the links to items on networking for introverts. These were both fascinating and encouraging.

And, yet again, 23 Things has brought to my attention an organisation I knew nothing off before this day - The Higher Education Academy. Having explored their site and looked at some of their reviews and resources, I can see myself making use of this site in the future.

I love it when I learn something new. Sincere thanks to the many brains behind the whole "23 Things" thing.

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