Sunday, 15 July 2012

CPD in your later career.

I must thank Shelia Webber for her interesting post, and those that commented on it.

I too am an "Old Thing" and am doing 23 Things for exactly that reason. I believe CPD is important for all no matter the age /stage of career or length of time as an LIS professional. I felt that some of the newer technology was leaving me behind. I am somewhat encouraged however to realise that lots of "Young Things" must think that too to get involved in such numbers!

So is CPD in your later career necessary? Absolutely!

I whole-heartedly agree with Shelia's comment that we often find ourselves needing CPD in areas we did not expect. I know that more than 20 years ago when I started out, I did not expect to be where I am today - but then surely few of us in our first job set out to follow a rigid path we could clearly see before us?

I am continually saying (no doubt to the annoyance of those around me) that I love it when I learn something new, and I too was very taken with the notion of (un)conscious /(in)competence which I have been mulling over (something I think us "Old Things" like to do) all day!

I am two weeks into a new job, with all the challenges that that brings - new faces, new buildings, new procedures -  let alone getting to grips with tackling the ever growing list of tasks! Changing jobs always brings new challenges, (not the least of which, for me, will be continuing with 23 Things whilst "finding my feet" ) but continuing professional development is a key part of this, sometimes in areas that are completely new to me.

Good luck to all us Oldies - I am sure all we are learning will reap benefits - much like Sheila's beautiful harvest photos!

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