Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thing 4

I must admit to finding it hard to keep up with 23 Things. If you take this Thing 4 as an example, whilst I was slightly aware of Twitter, I was not aware of RSS feeds for "library world" or Storify, so learning about 3 things for one week I found a challenge.

I am one of those people who likes to learn about something that is new to me, go away and ponder it for a while, read about others experiences of it, then play with it myself before deciding to what extent it is a Thing for me.

I have spent more time learning about Twitter. I had read tweets and tweeted my own a couple of times, but I have taken this basic use further by investigating how to attach a photo to a  tweet and how to link into a  website too. Whilst I have not attended a conference where Twitter has been used I have read that others have found this valuable, whether they have been at the conference or not, and I can see their point. So you could say I am now a fully paid up Twitter convert.

RSS feeds in terms of the Library world were new to me. I am ashamed to say this really. I know about their value for news, politics, sport etc, so there's no reason I should not have realised library folks create them too - I just did not. So that has been a valuable addition to my now crowded desktop. Now I just need to make the time to monitor them. I think I will have to learn to be ruthless about the ones I actually read in depth though.

Storify remains a bit of a mystery. I think maybe it is one Thing too far for this week. I'm going to settle for knowing it exists, and I may come back to that another time...............

I suppose that means you could argue that I have not really finished Thing 4, but I have gained much from it, and for the time being, that is good enough for me.

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